Traditionally, shamans have always worked in community to bring wisdom, knowledge, and healing to their tribe or village. In our modern society it comes to us differently. Surgery is group healing, as are, in some ways Health Clinics because a group of people are involved in the healing of an individual and family and friends are encouraged to be present, but often family and friends are not involved which, traditionally, is an important piece. However, shamanic healing is done in ceremony, which brings in the Sacred and other elements from the invisible or eternal world that aid in the healing of an individual. Shamanic healing works on the spiritual/emotional/mental level of illness and does not necessarily mean that there will be a change on the physical level though there can be. Though The Four Winds supports individual healers we wish to offer group ceremonial healing as well because sometimes it is only through group ceremony that healing can take place.

We meet regularly to offer ceremonial healing. Because it requires a group of trained people, most of who are graduates of the Golden Heart Mystery School Spiritual Warrior Training Program, and the use of tools and items, which can be costly, we require a minimum donation of $100 though people in need will not be turned away. All of our healers volunteer their services. We also require that you participate and take an active role in your healing. Before you can attend the healing ceremony there are preparations that you must do that will take about one month to complete. You cannot just show up for a healing. There are different types of shamanic healing and the type of healing that you need will be determined ahead of time.



Sometimes the lines are blurred and there are no clear distinctions between the different types of healing methods. One problem may require several different methods of healing, and one type of healing may take care of a multitude of problems. Each person is unique and, so, each healing is unique.

Ceremony to Restore Power:

All people have guardian spirits to watch over and protect them. It is believed that at the birth of a child, a guardian spirit, usually in the shape of an animal, volunteers to be with the child. If one does not, or it leaves, the child will not survive. These are called Power Animals/Spirits because they bring us power and vitality. Without them we become de-vitalized, disempowered, and sick. In this ceremony the lost power is restored.

Soul Retrieval:

For many different reasons, there are times in our lives when, in order to survive, an essence or piece of us walks away. This pure essence of ourselves is then lost to us, in it’s purest sense. We are no longer connected to it and we suffer from the loss of energy and communion with it. We become fractured and not all there. We are no longer whole. In this ceremony, those lost pieces are brought back home to the Self.

Shamanic Extraction/Curse Unraveling:

Spiritual/energetic intrusions occur when energy that does not belong to the body or person, enters and fills in the empty places that are created by Soul or Power Animal loss and a variety of other reasons. These include curses and thoughts that are purposefully or inadvertently sent to a person to cause them problems or to wish them ill. In this ceremony the unwanted energy is removed.

Spiritual Clearing/Curse Unraveling:

Whether you believe in spirits or not, they do exist and can cause problems. There are many ways a spirit can become attached to a living person, animal, place, building, land, river, forest, country, etc. All things, all beings can suffer from an unwanted spirit attachment. We use the method of compassionate caring to assist the spirits to their true home and to remove energy that does not belong to the person or place. Often curses can be associated with unwanted spirit attachment.


An ancient, world-wide method of assisting earth bound and suffering spirits on their journey of transition from physical life to the after-life.

Not all types of problems or healings can be categorized. The best we can say is that we look in on the spiritual level or cause of the person’s problems and, in partnership with our helping spirits, we discover what needs to be done. These healings are always done with love and compassion, they are healings of the Heart.


List of Practitioners


Patty Bouton

Golden Heart Warrior
Professionally Trained Clairvoyant
Clairvoyance literally means “clear seeing”; it is the ability to see energy. A Clairvoyant reading is a HELLO! to your spirit. This kind of communication can help you become aware of how different energies are affecting you (helping, hindering or keeping you stuck). Just saying “HELLO” will facilitate a healing of the spirit. Spirit-to-Spirit communication is a magical form of self-healing that is very simple and effective.

Patty’s initiation into the spirit world in 1992 opened the flood gates to learning. She has studied with many great teachers over the ensuing years. She has studied with the Four Winds Foundation since 2004; is a 2010 graduate of the Spiritual Warrior Program through the Golden Heart Mystery School.

Patty is a 2013 graduate of the Clairvoyant Training Program, a two-year long distance program through the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. She is a Reverend through Psychic Horizon’s Center, Church of Inner Light, in Boulder, Colorado.

She continues her education in a magical journey that focuses on the development and growth of the Crown chakra, along with learning to interact and help heal the geomantic landscapes of the Earth through the Blue Room Consortium.

A Reading/Healing consists of looking at you on your spiritual path in relation to your Higher Self and your knowingness to get your own answers. I look at a couple of past lives and give you present day communication about what I see. I will look at where energy is blocked or cords are attached that drains your energy away from your space. I look at various agreements you may have in this incarnation, keeping you blocked or stuck in the same patterns.

Sometimes I will call in my Healing Master and Psychic Surgeon to heal the Chakras, subtle bodies and seven layers of the Aura. You are then filled in with your own beautiful healing energy.

Readings/Healings are on the phone from the comfort of your own home. Book a date, call me at the appointed time, show up on time. Call from a place where you won’t be disturbed, or required to do anything else. Bring some questions or concerns, I will look at them and see what can be changed. This is a time for you; a gift to yourself.

Email for more information or to schedule an appointment.
The fee is payable at time of booking by check or PayPal. Cancellations must be made two days before the scheduled reading.

Call (907)457-2216 for more information. When you leave a detailed message, please speak your phone number slowly so I can understand and give you a call back.


Mary Boyd

Warrior of Light
Hands of Light Healer
This is an energy-based approach to health and healing, practitioners are trained by author and physicist, Barbara Brennan, in her four-year east coast program. The techniques form a hands-on healing system that works with an individual’s energy/consciousness field. The objective is to restore health.
Medical Intuitive: Intuitives help their clients reach a better understanding of their character, past influences and future prospects. Practitioners may choose to use various forms of divination in their work or they may rely on natural psychic talents. Medical Intuitives focus on health issues affecting the client.



Jasmine Johnson-Kennedy

Reiki Master ♦ Shamanic Healer ♦ Yoga Teacher
Jasmine’s Training:
2014 spring graduate of Four Wind Foundation’s Shamanic Practitioner Program.
• Formal training in Shamanic Healing beginning in 2013 from Debra Chestnut through The Four Winds Foundation and in 2012 from Ray Crist of the Jaguar Path.

October, 2014 received her Prenatal Certification from Collette Crawford of the Seattle Holistic Center.

December, 2014 received the Reiki Master and Master Teacher attunements from Terri-Lynn Anthony of Heartpath Wellness.
• Beginning in 2012 she studied Reiki with Terri-Lynn Anthony of Heartpath Wellness and with Sudevi Burich of ReikiAlaska.

2012 Jasmine received her 200 hr Yoga Certification from Brahmani Liebman and Jashoda Edmonds at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. //


Lindsay Monty

Shamanic Energy Healing

Sacred Journey Consultations
Energetic Clearings
Power Retrieval
Soul Retrieval
House Clearing



ML Petti

Golden Heart Warrior
Animal Communicator
ML has been a student of Four Winds classes since 2007 and graduated from Golden Heart Mystery School’s Spiritual Warrior Program in 2010. For 2 yrs. she was in the Way of the Mystic Qabalistic Program at Four Winds. Since 2010 she has worked with Four Winds doing group ceremonial healings and White Table. She studied basic clairvoyance with Richard Leviton. She is currently continuing her training in Animal Communication with Penelope Smith in Prescott, Arizona.

She can communicate with animals to understand the animal’s side of an issue and share that information with human companion to rectify miscommunication or inappropriate behavior. 907-378-1447, Texting is fine

Gina KimGina Kim, D.C.

Cellular Regeneration Technique™ (CRT)

Dr. Kim is the founder of CRT, an energy healing modality whose purpose is healing at the core cellular level, bringing the body-mind-spirit into balance and harmony. She was sponsored by the Four Winds Foundation in 2012, and facilitated a Healing Circle, taught “Muscle Testing for Smarties and Dummies,” as well as give private sessions at the Foundation. From her home on Maui, she does long distance sessions on the phone and Skype for people of all ages as well as animals.

She graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Kinesiology, received her Dr. of Chiropractic of 1987, founded CRT in 2001, and authored THE POWER TO HEAL YOURSELF in 2010. Her passion in helping people thrive physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally and financially is inspiring.

Reasons to consider a session(s): tried everything else without satisfactory response, feeling stuck, unfulfilled, “just not right,” want to feel inspired and motivated, release old patterns conscious and subconscious, live in better body-mind-spirit harmony.

Phone: 808-871-6996