Four Winds rents a suite in the Lathrop building, 516 2nd Ave., Suite 314, Fairbanks, Alaska where we meet for ceremonies, meetings and classes unless otherwise posted.

1. The best place to park is in the Court House employees parking lot off of First Ave.. It is available FOR FREE M-F, after 4:30 pm, and all day Saturday and Sunday, and is only 1 block away from the Lathrop Bldg. These times are also the main times that we host our meetings, ceremonies and classes so it is very convenient for us.
2. The parking garage is just 1 block away and charges $1/hr which is cheap.
3. On weekends and evenings parking on 2nd ave. is usually easy, just read the signs and make sure you are in the correct spot, if it says, No Parking Ever, then it means, no parking ever. So far I have always found a space to park right across from the Lathrop Bldg, but that isn’t always so.
4. The parking lot between the Hotel and the Lathrop building is mostly reserved for Hotel parking, if it says reserved, don’t park there.