Board of Directors

Golden Heart Warrior (G.H.W.) graduate of Golden Heart Mystery School Spiritual Warrior Program

Debra Chesnut, M.A., G.H.W. Founder & Vice President

Nancy C. Elliott, G.H.W. President

Lindsay Monty, G.H.W. Secretary

Dean Zuelsdorf, G.H.W. Treasurer

Sharon Bullock, Board Director

Mary-Lou (ML) Petti, G.H.W. Board Director

Daniel Kloepfer, Board Director



Four Winds Foundation Founder

Debra Chesnut was raised in Alaska on a homestead near the base of Mount Susitna. Her father flew his small plane to Anchorage everyday to work because there were no roads. Nature was her constant companion and profoundly influenced her life. In 1976 She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Alaska, Anchorage earning her RN. As a nurse she worked in a variety of communities in Alaska and around the world. In 1989 she earned a Bachelors of Science magna cum laude in Psychology at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. In 2008 she earned a Masters in Western Esotericism with merit from Exeter University, England. She has been a student of Hermeticism and the Qabalah for 32 years completing the Builders of the Adytum (BOTA) 13-year correspondence course during that time.  She also ran a BOTA Qabalistic study group for ten years in the Fairbanks community. In 1991 she was called by the spirits to start shamanizing.  In 1993 she founded The Four Winds Foundation to promote shamanic and traditional wisdom. Debra completed a 3-year program in advanced shamanism in 1998 at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  This Foundation for Shamanic Studies designated Debra the Field Associate in Alaska in 2001 which she served through 2008. Through the Four Winds Foundation she has donated countless hours and money to helping the greater communities of Fairbanks, Alaska and the World. Nancy E


Board of Director President

Nancy was born in Montgomery, Alabama where she lived her first nine years of life. Her Father was in the Air Force so she also lived in Lancashire, England and Riverside, California as she grew into an adult. She has one son and daughter and six grandchildren. Nancy has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She has studied Metaphysics for 35 years through The Four Winds Foundation (FWF), The Association for Research and Enlightenment – teachings of Edgar Cayce, the Church of Religious Science – the teachings of Ernest Holmes, and the Self-Realization Fellowship – the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and currently, the teachings of Seth through the New Awareness Network Inc. with Rick Stack. Nancy worked for four years with mentally ill adults in Fairbanks and ten years as a Women’s Advocate and Counselor for the Fairbanks Women’s Shelter. Nancy is a graduate of Four Winds Golden Heart Mystery School’s first Spiritual Warrior Training Program in 2006. She has worked with a group of FWF healers to provide cleansing and healing work in the Fairbanks community since 2006. Nancy also maintains the website for FWF and assists the FWF Founder with administrative support. She has been a member of the board of directors since 2008.



Board Secretary

Lindsay was born in Vermont and spent most of her life living in upstate New York before moving to Alaska at the age of 23.  Her first three years in Alaska were spent living in a sparsely populated town on Kenai Lake.  She is universally at home in nature and enjoys collecting flowers, roots, herbs, mushrooms and bark to create healing essences, teas and tinctures. Lindsay has been sensitive to subtle energy since childhood.  In her early twenties, she began meditating and studying about chakras and energy healing.  After moving to Fairbanks in 2008, spirituality and transformation came to the forefront.  Lindsay is fortunate to have found so many wonderful spiritual teachers in the Fairbanks area.  Over the past five years, she has taken several energy healing based workshops, including a one year study with Mary Boyd.  Lindsay also studied Shamanism for two years with the Spiritual Warrior Program of the Golden Heart Mystery School. Lindsay was called to shamanize in 2012.  The calling has had a deeply profound and transformative effect on her life.  She is immensely grateful to be experiencing a life influenced by the spirit world and ancient tradition.  Lindsay continues to study Shamanism individually with Debra Chesnut.  Over the past two years, Lindsay has volunteered at the FWF by participating in healing work at White Table. She joined the Four Winds Board of Directors in 2013.



Board Treasurer

Dean Zuelsdorf

Dean was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Education includes a bachelor’s degree in business administration-finance, a master’s degree in art therapy, and a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.He was drawn to working and traveling as a young man and worked as an artist, bartender, truck driver, and warehouseman.He journeyed north to Alaska in 1974 and worked on the Alaska Pipeline as a camp manager. After pipeline work, he was hired as a draftsman by an engineering consultant in Anchorage and eventually was recognized as a mechanical design engineer designing commercial buildings throughout Alaska for 11 years.He terminated his work in the engineering field and left Alaska in 1988 to earn a master’s degree in art therapy and doctorate in clinical psychology, returning to Alaska in 1995.He currently has a private practice in psychology and has been employed at mental health hospitals and residential addictions facilities in the past, as well as adjunct teaching at the University of Alaska.

Continuing an ever-present desire to explore his and others expressions of interpersonal, cultural, spiritual, and existential beliefs, he is intrigued by the process of building personal theories of existence and meaning in his own life while working with beliefs and personal experience of the wide diversity of peoples in Alaska.As interests with the great variety of traditional and cultural healing beliefs and practices broadened, a growing interest in esotericism and associated cultural beliefs and rituals led to a shamanistic emphasis toward understanding and helping others.He entered into shamanistic studies at the Four Winds Foundation and was a member of the initial, intensive Spiritual Warrior group in 2006.He continues his pursuit of healing and helping others within both psychological and traditional, spiritual healing methods and rituals. Dean joined the board of directors at the Four Winds Foundation in 2011.


Board Director


Sharon Bullock was born in Idaho, raised in Utah and after getting married has lived in New York City, Illinois, New Jersey, Florida, and Alaska.  After raising two daughters, she came to Alaska first to Nome and then later to Fairbanks.   She has a master’s degree in social work and is a licensed clinical Social Worker who is at present retired after having worked at numerous jobs.   The last agency she worked for was the Fairbanks Community Behavioral Health Center (FCBHC) and was there for 22 years.  Experience has included being a therapist, clinical supervisor, clinical director, quality assurance director, interim director for FCBHC, board member for NASW (including regional representative and secretary), state president of the Alaska NASW Board for two years, board member for Alaska Buddhist Center, board member for Spiritual Crossroads, one of the organizers for the first Critical Incident Stress Debriefing team in Fairbanks, and have taught college level classes. Spiritual development has been an important part of her life and she has come to the realization that mental health and spirituality are directly related to each other.   Her spiritual journey has been through Christianity, Buddhism, reading, taking classes, meditation, family, friends, nature, and continues every day. Sharon joined The Four Winds Foundation Board in 2010.

ML‘ML’ Petti

Board Director

ML was born in North Attleboro, Massachusetts and joined the Peace Corp right out of college and was sent to Sierra Leone, Africa to teach for 2 years. She has lived in Alaska for 23 years off the grid, no water, no electricity. She has worked in many diverse fields and retired from the military. She is currently active as a volunteer at Chena Ridge Veterinary clinic. ML received a Bachelors of Science in education and taught at 3 different schools for 7 years. She was also trained as a combat medic and EMT and finished out her military career as crew chief. She has been a student of Four Winds classes since 2007 and graduated from Golden Heart Mystery School’s Spiritual Warrior Program in 2010. For 2 yrs. she was in the Way of the Mystic Qabalistic Program at Four Winds. Since 2010 she has worked with Four Winds doing group ceremonial healings and White Table. She studied basic clairvoyance with Richard Leviton. She is currently continuing her training in Animal Communication with Penelope Smith in Prescott, Arizona.


Daniel Kloepfer

Board Director