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Greetings to all,

It is time for The Four Winds Foundation to say goodbye. On May 31st we give up our Four Winds space in the Lathrop building and close down the board of directors.

Since Debra transitioned back to spirit in December of 2014 Four Winds has waited to see if someone would step up and carry on the vision that the Foundation was built on, but that has not happened.

However, it is all good. No need to be sad.

Since the beginning, in 1993, when Debra created Four Winds, to open the doors to those in the interior interested in learning Shamanic techniques there has been a steady stream of people who came through those doors to learn. And Debra taught them all how to work with energy using ceremony and ritual.

She created Golden Heart Mystery School and graduated three classes from the Spiritual Warrior Program.  Her drive to teach was so strong that right up to the last year she was with us she taught the Practitioner Program, graduating five students in the spring of 2014.

During the twenty-one years Debra ran Four Winds it was a vibrant part of the interior and the community members that she taught are richer, more aware, more in touch with the energy of life that pulses through us all.

We take what Debra gave us and we go out into the world to share that light and pass it on.

It was a good run, wasn’t it?
Nancy, Four Winds Scribe


We are a small nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of shamanic and traditional wisdom especially in regard to healing of community and individuals. Traditionally, shamans work on behalf of their communities for healing, weather control, emotional and mental balance, to maintain harmony with nature and to ensure adequate supply of food as well as assisting the newly departed souls to move on.

Though we live in modern times our communities need the same kind of help. Industry may have changed the landscape but communities still need to live in harmony with their environment as well as maintain a healthy balance in living. Our communities are larger, but that does not mean we leave behind the traditions of healing. It means we need more healers, more shamans, more light workers, and more body workers. We need MORE, not less. The Four Winds Foundation wishes to help that process in any way it can.

To contact us email: fourwinds93@gmail.com and someone will respond via phone or email.


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